Customer Service

If you got a product that your not happy with please email us within 30 days and you can request a replacement or a full refund. To be able to return a product it must still be in its original new state.

Cancelling and Order
If you need to cancel your order for any reason please call us at: 646.288.5592 right away so we can cancel it. An order can be well on its way to you and not cancellable in spite of your fast response so please check your cart and make sure you don't have something you don't want in there.

Shipping and Handling Policy
We charge a $2.00 handling fee for all orders whether it's 1 item or 1 million items. We are not in any way held responsible for your damaged, lost, or stolen merchandise once it leaves our hands.

Privacy Policy
We do NOT collect any of your information without your permission. Your information is NOT shared or sold to any third parties ever.

Our policy's can change so concerned customers should read them before making purchases.