A way to test a pcb without headers.

     If you havn't checked out our new sensors you should check them out. We have an accelerometer/magnetometer and gyro on one chip plus accelerometer/magnetometer and gyro seperate, and last but not least a barometer. There's also a logic level converter with 10 inputs and outputs. This will be handy for those with a normal arduino that uses logic 5V and want to use our logic 3.3V sensors. The schematics and how to use all the sensors will also be done in the next couple of weeks. Also the A3977 is still coming along and will be available along with another type of motor driver in the coming months. Below is a pic of how how you can test your pcb without using the pogo pins, this is easier to do for one offs where you don't want to make an individual testbed with the pogopins. I'm using those IC type aligator clips with the clip turned out to almost 90 degrees. I've always been a little wary of the beryllium copper pogo pins but they must not be so bad since they've been used for so long?